The Rabbit Trails Podcast

A podcast potpourri, two native Texans living in Spain and Sweden, exploring issues of missions, faith, journeying through life and following Jesus.

Callum is a European living in Texas. We are Texans living in Europe. It is destiny that we would talk! Callum helps to run Alpha courses in Dallas, Texas, and has seen so many good things through them. Alpha is a great means of introducing people to Jesus in our post-modern society. 

Sarah Blakeney loves Millennials and has some really great insights into what makes them tick, how they see the world, and what they will be contributing to the church now and into the future. This is a must-listen if you are in ministry today.

Jason Clark is a pastor in the UK and all around great guy. His wisdom and gentleness are immediately apparent to all. We talked about consumerism in the church and how to create discipleship within it. You can find everything Jason does at

After wrapping up some really great guests, we see a theme emerging. Leadership. It turns out it is more than what you think. Tod Bolsinger and Steve Cuss had some really great things to say to us and we begin to apply this to what it means to lead like Jesus. 

Steve Cuss joins us to talk about anxiety, leading, missions, and more. 

Tod Bolsinger is a Senior Fellow of the De Pree Center for Leadership and Associate Professor of Leadership Formation at Fuller Theological Seminary. Tod was the founder of the Fuller Leadership Platform, an innovative approach to online formation and leadership development, and served as a Vice President of Fuller Seminary for six years.

Tod's incredible book on adaptive leadership Canoeing the Mountains and his latest book Tempered Resilience are must-reads for anyone trying to navigate the current realities of COVID, Post Modernism, and the end of Christendom. 

Everyone is a missionary. Yes...and no. Missions serves a purpose in God's kingdom and we think its specific role should be well understood and preserved. 

Stefan Paas is a Dutch theologian, missiologist, and church planter. He knows from experience what it means to labor in tough circumstances and brings a vast amount of experience, reflection, and good theology to the practice. We hope to have him on again soon as his insights are so important and we feel like we just touched the surface. 

Winging It

The name of the podcast is called Rabbit Trails for crying out loud. We didn't have a clue where this was going. I'm not really sure I still do. Vintage Barrett and Garrick.

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